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We want to be where you are when you need us. We expanded our hangar and engine repair facilities to Canada and Europe with 24/7 Aircraft on Ground services and customer support. Our cloud-based SilverSky service allows you to access your aircraft’s maintenance information and comprehensive receiving and tear-down reports.


As the costs of parts and related business operations increase, we are determined to soften the impact to our customers as much as possible. We strategically stock our shops to minimize overhead costs and wait time.


This isn’t the time to cut corners and make-do: lives depend on the integrity of your aircraft. We provide FAA certified training for all our employees. We even provide training for mechanics, owners and operators, so they can better care for their engine. Here’s a Commander Engine Maintenance Guide to get you started.

CD Aviation Services is a Honeywell Authorized Part 145 repair station for Honeywell TPE331, TFE731 and GTCP36 series engines.

CD Aviation Services certificates include Transport Canada and the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA).



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