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What Planes Use TPE331?

As one of the most versatile turboprop engines in the aviation industry, the TPE331 powers a wide range of aircraft across various missions and applications. Developed by Garrett AiResearch, the TPE331 has earned a reputation for its reliability, durability, and performance, making it a popular choice for aircraft manufacturers and operators worldwide. One of the primary markets for TPE331-powered aircraft has been the regional airline industry. Regional airliners such as the Jetstream 31 and Jetstream 32, the Fairchild Swearingen Metroliner and the  Dornier 228 utilize TPE331 engines to provide efficient and cost-effective air transportation services to passengers traveling short to medium-haul routes. With its proven reliability and fuel efficiency, the TPE331 helps regional airlines maintain high levels of operational reliability and profitability. In addition to regional airliners, the TPE331 is also widely used in military and government aircraft. Military platforms such as the Casa 212, Shorts Skyvan, OV10 Bronco, Shorts Tucano and General Atomics MQ9 Reaper rely on TPE331 engines to fulfill a variety of missions, including troop transport, cargo delivery, surveillance, and reconnaissance. With its rugged design and robust performance, the TPE331 meets the demanding requirements of military operations in diverse environments and conditions. Furthermore, the TPE331 finds applications in specialized aircraft used for aerial firefighting, search and rescue, air ambulance, agricultural spraying and Air Cargo. Aircraft such as the Air Tractor, Thrush Aircraft S2R, Turbo-Commander, AG Cat, Cessna Caravan and the Turbine Otter utilize TPE331 engines to deliver the power and performance needed for these demanding missions. With its versatility and reliability, the TPE331 enables operators to accomplish their missions safely and efficiently. At CD Aviation Services, we specialize in providing maintenance and support services for TPE331-powered aircraft. With our expertise and experience, we ensure that TPE331 engines operate at peak performance and reliability, allowing operators to maximize the capabilities of their aircraft across various missions and applications. In conclusion, the TPE331 is a versatile and reliable turboprop engine that powers a diverse range of aircraft in the regional airline, military, government, and specialized aviation sectors. With its proven performance and broad applicability, the TPE331 continues to be a preferred choice for aircraft manufacturers and operators seeking dependable power and efficiency in their operations.