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How Much Horsepower Does a TPE331 Have?

The TPE331 turboprop engine, developed by Honeywell Aerospace, is renowned for its robust performance and versatility across a wide range of aircraft applications. One of the key metrics used to measure the power output of an aircraft engine is horsepower (HP). So, how much horsepower does a TPE331 have? The horsepower output of a TPE331 engine can vary depending on the specific model and configuration. However, typical TPE331 variants used in aircraft applications are capable of producing anywhere from approximately 600 to 1,100 shaft horsepower (SHP). This horsepower range enables the TPE331 to power aircraft of various sizes and performance requirements, from small regional airliners to military transport aircraft. For example, the TPE331-12 engine variant, commonly used in regional airliners such as the Metro 26, typically produces around 1,100 SHP. This level of horsepower provides sufficient thrust to propel these aircraft at cruising speeds while maintaining fuel efficiency and operational reliability. At CD Aviation Services, we understand the importance of maintaining optimal engine performance for TPE331-powered aircraft. Through our comprehensive maintenance programs and expert technical support, we ensure that TPE331 engines operate at peak horsepower and efficiency, allowing operators to maximize the capabilities of their aircraft across various missions and applications. One of the greatest attributes of the TPE331 is that the engine is a single shaft design. This allows for almost instantaneous horsepower with no spool up or lag that may be experienced with other manufacturer’s engine designs. In conclusion, the TPE331 turboprop engine offers a range of horsepower outputs tailored to meet the diverse needs of aircraft operators. With its versatile performance and reliable power delivery, the TPE331 continues to be a trusted choice for aircraft manufacturers and operators worldwide.