Associated Turbines:

TPE331-1, TPE331-2, TPE331-3, TPE331-5, TPE331-6, TPE331-8, TPE331-10, TPE331-11, TPE331-12

Beech King Air B100; BAE Jetstream 31 and 32; Casa 212; Cessna Conquest II; Caravan (Conversion); deHavilland Super Otter (Conversion); Dornier DO228; Fairchild Metro, II, III, 23; Merlin II, III and IV; Mitsubishi MU2; Rockwell Turbo Commander 690, 695, 840, 900, 980 and 1000; Shorts Brothers Skyvan

The services we provide for the TPE331 are:

Maintenance for TPE331 Powered Aircraft

Around the clock On-Site Field Service to the Aviation Industry

CD Aviation Services aims to provide the agricultural aircraft industry with the highest quality product, service and support. Owners and operators that demand high performance, dependability and longevity need look no further than CD Aviation Services for unmatched economic value in today's market.

Our highly trained aircraft TPE331 technicians assemble and maintain engines using the most current technical data and standards. As the industry leader in customer service, CD Aviation Services communicates frequently with the customer throughout the aircraft TPE maintenance event to ensure that the repair is performed in a timely fashion.

CD Aviation Services offers industry setting standards in turbine engine maintenance, performance, cost and turn-time. Our Ag Field Service and Support Team stands ready to serve 24/7/365. To keep your aircraft in business and functioning at its maximum potential, put our 25 years of experience on site at your facility to perform your next engine maintenance event.


Associated Turbines:

GTCP36-100A, GTCP36-100E, GTCP36-100G, GTCP36-100H,GTCP36-100M, GTCP36-150A, GTCP36-150AA, GTCP36-150CX,GTCP36-150DD, GTCP36-150F, GTCP36-150F2M, GTCP36-150IAI, GTCP36-150KL, GTCP36-150J, GTCP36-150M, GTCP36-150R, GTCP36-150RR, GTCP36-150RJ, GTCP36-150W

Bombardier CL300, 600, 601, 604, 605, 850ER, CRJ100, CRJ200; BAE ATP; Cessna Citation III, VI, VII and X; Dassault Falcon 20, 50, 2000, 900 and 7X; Dornier 328 and 128; Embraer EMB 120 brasilia; Gulfstream GII, III, IV, G100, G150, G200, G300, G350, G400, G450; Hawker 750, 800, 850, 900, 1000, 4000; IAI / Westwind II; Lockheed Jetstar II

The services we provide for the GTCP36 are:


Associated Turbines:

TFE731-2, TFE731-3, TFE731-4, TFE731-5, TFE731-20, TFE731-40, TFE731-50, TFE731-60

Bombardier Learjet 31, 35, 36, 40, 45 and 55; Cessna Citation III, VI and VII; Dassault Falcon 10, 100, 20, 50 and 900; Gulfstream G100 and 150; Hawker 700, 750, 800, 850 and 900; Lockheed Jetstar 731 and Jetstar II; Sabreliner Sabre 65

The services we provide for the TFE731 are:

Overview of Services

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