CD Aviation Services began as a one-man shop in Joplin, MO serving mostly the Agriculture industry. We moved in to Commuter and Cargo operators and eventually Corporate operators. Twenty years later, we’ve kept our small shop customer service, but we’ve expanded to meet our customers' needs.

To provide the best service to our customers, we need to be where they are when they need us. We now have facilities totaling over 40,000 sq ft in the US, Canada, and Europe and employ mechanics with over 200 years of turbine engine maintenance experience.

But we've never left our small shop values of quality, service and integrity. We're big enough to get the job done, but small enough to care.

Our Employees

In maintaining a strong focus on education and training, we make a direct contribution to safer skies. CD Aviation Services enables its employees to perform at the highest industry standards.

For the last ten years, CD Aviation Services has earned the Aviation Maintenance Technician Diamond Award of Excellence from the Federal Aviation Administration. The Diamond Award is only given to employers that have 100% participation in the AMT Awards Program for eligible employees.

Our structured internal training programs are built to optimize human performance and reduce human error based on training needs assessments. Areas of instruction include Indoctrination Training, Recurrent Training, Human Factors, Safety, Risk Management, Professional Skill Development.

We also provide training to owners, operators, mechanics and pilots to ensure when we aren’t working on your engines, we know it’s being well-cared for.

Company Directory

Danny Moore

General Manager

Joe Price

Sales Manager

Marko Huhtaniska

European Technical Sales & Support

Cory Mallory

Customer Support Manager

Jeff Clarke

APU Technical Support Manager

Accreditations and Awards

Below you can view and download all of CD Aviation Services awards, authorization and approval certificates.

AMT 2020

AMT 2019 All of our mechanics have completed 12 hours of eligible training including the required online course assigned by the FAA Safety Team, therefore, CDAS has earned the Aviation Maintenance Technicians award.

FAA Air Agency

CD Aviation Services complies with the requirements of the FAA and is an FAA approved repair station.


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