3 Components of Aircraft Maintenance

3 Components of Aircraft Maintenance

The ultimate goal of regular aircraft maintenance is to ensure that your craft is safe and fully operational at all times, Apart from that, your aircraft is a huge business expense that you must strive to protect. This is where companies like ours come into the picture. We provide aircraft auxiliary power unit service and TPE331 engine maintenance for several kinds of aircraft. However, it is important for owners and pilots to understand the components of aircraft maintenance. They are as follows.

Structural maintenance: The older an aircraft is the more prone it is to damage from standard use. However, structural damage can also affect newer aircraft from causes such as collision with ramps and other objects. Additionally, a sound structural maintenance program helps to detect metal fatigue and other dangers to the body of your aircraft. As we’ve discussed in the past, there are a number of technologies are used to assess the soundness of your aircraft’s exterior.
Component maintenance: Your aircraft is like any other sophisticated piece of machinery. Its many individual components must be working in unison for the entire structure to work at peak levels. Thus, individual components must be checked, tested, and replaced when necessary with compatible, high quality parts. The steps that are a part of component maintenance include lubrication, visual inspections, referencing service guidelines and benchmarks, etc.
Overall maintenance: Here aircraft mechanics, owners and mechanics get quite a bit of guidance from the FAA. They require that maintenance checks include preflight, overnight, A, B, C and D checks.

The Importance of Aircraft Maintenance

The purpose of MRO is to make sure that your fleet remains airworthy and that your company does not run afoul of the FAA. After all, planes that are grounded cannot make your business money. Constant reminders of these tips will keep the aircraft you maintain at their peak operation and safety status.