CDAS custom tailors our customer service experience to meet each customers individual requirements. We have an online platform our customers can use called Silversky that allows the customer to check the status of their engine at anytime. Customer Services is a top priority at CD Aviation Services and all employees contribute to meeting the customers requests.

Yes, contact us today to set up a time to visit our facilities. 417.206.2327

The culture at CD Aviation Services is Service and Quality. We want to provide the Best product at a fair price.

CD Aviation Services (CDAS) has a thorough training program in place that complies with CFR 14 Part 145.163 and EASA requirements. There is a Maintenance Technician Training Program (MTTP) for all new mechanics that are hired. The MTTP is broken into five phases. This ensures competence while standardizing the process. We understand that some have more experience than others, and some accelerate in the program quicker than others. Our training program is not a cookie cutter system. The training encompasses different delivery methods based on training needs assessments performed annually. The delivery methods of training include, On-the-Job, OEM, classroom, self-study, and online learning format. CD Aviation Services has a Learning Management System (LMS) that provides the Director Of Quality a dashboard of learning activity, status on training, and complete record-keeping. CDAS has quick access to a training dashboard that includes their current Total Training Time, Course Completion Rate, Test Pass Rate, and Potential Savings for Training for employees that have completed training online. The Director of Corporate Training measures the effectiveness of training by observation, examination results, and feedback. The Management Team reviews the data annually by completing an overall training needs assessment.

Currently, ISO 9001:2015. This complies with the requirements of CFR 14 part 145 repair station. Learn more about ISO standards at

Yes, all employees are required to participate in Human Factors Training once every 2 years.

Yes, we have facilities totaling over 40,000 sq ft in the US, Canada, and Europe and employ mechanics with over 260 years of turbine engine maintenance experience. However, we’ve never left our small shop values of quality, service and integrity.

Yes, our mechanics have over 260 years of combined turbine engine maintenance experience. In maintaining a strong focus on education and training, we make a direct contribution to safer skies. The employees also participate in various recurrent training annually.

Overview of Services

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