Reasons Good Record Keeping and Log Book Maintenance Matter

Though it may seem like tedious work to some degree, proper record keeping and logbook upkeep are crucial to any maintenance program. Beyond the obvious fact that this is required by the FAA every time a mechanic works on an airplane, it is also essential for many other reasons. Let’s take a look at some of the practical reasons why good record keeping and logbook maintenance are so essential.

It teaches you to develop good habits: Learning to keep records legible, organized, signed, and totaled correctly early on will help you to remember to do so every time. Remember that a logbook is essentially a legal document as well as a record of flights and an essential aid to developing an effective maintenance program. Another good habit to develop is to take pictures and scans of your logbook and consider backing the entries up on your laptop. The FAA is a stickler for details.
It helps to head off costly repairs in the future: An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure as the saying goes. As we have already said, maintaining an accurate logbook and keeping good records helps you to develop a good maintenance program. This in turn can guide mechanics in knowing when routine maintenance is scheduled. The name of the game here is keeping the plane in tiptop condition and addressing small problems before they become bigger ones.

Accurate well-kept records and logbooks increase your plane’s value: According to some experts, missing logbooks can lower a plane’s value by as much as 25% to 30%. Missing this information, a buyer is lacking vital information that he or she may need as to the condition of the plane they are considering purchasing.
Eases warranty claims: Logbooks show what work was done, by whom, and when. Without this information, someone viewing the book can only assume that certain duties were not performed on the plane. This can increase your liability in the event such information is needed for legal reasons e.g., in court.
Creates safer conditions for operators: The main thing good record-keeping does is that it keeps operators aware of conditions that may make the plane unsafe.
Increases asset longevity: Consistent record-keeping equal consistent maintenance equals an increased lifespan for your aircraft.

In short, good record keeping and logbook maintenance are indispensable parts of aircraft maintenance. They help everyone who is or will be involved in the plane keep abreast of all changes, corrections, etc. that have been made. As a Part 145 repair station for the Honeywell TPE331TFE731 and GTCP36 series auxiliary power units we can assure you that good record keeping is critical to maintaining the safety, value, and reliability of your aircraft.

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